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My designs are created for aesthetics, low maintenance, and support for the ecosystem by focusing on multi-layered plantings and extended bloom time. Choosing plant materials that closely match our local environmental condition reduces the need for fertilizer, pesticides and requires less watering. 

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Site Assessment

Site Assessment is a discovery process that involves:

  • Selecting appropriate plants for the site

  • Minimizing plant disease problems

  • Examine soil, drainage, slope, and sun/shade conditions

  • Identifying conditions that lead to plant stress

  • Developing strategies for improving the site

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My designs are only as good as the installers that I work with. My team has decades of experience implementing plans and I am on-site during the entire process to ensure excellence.

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Horticultural Diagnostics

Advice available about:

  • Plant selection and yard care

  • Plant and pest problems (insects and disease identification and solutions)

  • Complete soil testing including pH and available nutrients

  • Pruning


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There are multiple types of tree trimming services; we will evaluate you trees and your concerns and recommend the best type of tree trimming service to achieve your desired results.

Maintenance Tree Trimming is the process in which dead, dying, diseased, crossing branches are removed, depending on the species and health.

Hazard Reduction Tree Trimming us the process in which larger deadwood is removed for safety.

Vista Tree Trimming is performed when there is a view that the tree branches are blocking, this can be performed by selectively removing limbs without injuring the tree.

Crown Raising is the process in which the lower branches are removed, most commonly in areas where there is a driveway, walkway, or parking area.

Crown Reduction is pruning less than 1/3 of the tree's crowns or for the purpose of shaping.

Cut Back involves removing branches from structures such as sidewalks, lights, and buildings.

Fine Tree Trimming is most commonly performed on smaller or immature trees that have smaller branches and deadwood.

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We provide scheduled trimming, pruning container plant care and seasonal clean-ups.


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Spruce up entry ways, patios, and decks with custom containers suitable for each season. We utilize the highest quality plants and soils to create gorgeous arrangements of colors and textures.

Custom Containers

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Annual Rotations

Your landscape should include color and seasonal rotations from spring bulbs to wonderful summer tropics, and autumn harvest color to winter evergreen warmth. There is an ever expanding list of cultivars and varieties that we can suggest to enhance your landscape.

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