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American Bittersweet Plants vs. Invasive Oriental Vines

I came across some "oriental bittersweet" vine (quite a lot of it actually) on a job site this week. I was SO thrilled to see the amazing orange and red berries that I texted a pic of them to a plant enthusiast friend. She was just as excited to see the treasure that I had discovered and we decided that I should yank that beauty right off the tree it was encircling. And I absolutely did! I used it as a fall swag around my front door....check out the pic. However, the bittersweet vine is bittersweet for a good reason. As gorgeous as it is, it is also EXTREMELY invasive. I was (and will be when I take down the swag) very careful to keep the berries off the soil and to dispose of them. I do not want these guys germinating in my yard. However, there's not much I can do about birds "propogating" it.

If any of you are also drawn to the beauty of this "bittersweet" fall wonder, take a few minutes to read this informative article..

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